This will allow you to share large files with customers that you would not normally be able to do via email or other means.

  1. Open Windows Explorer and enter ftp://ftp.asacarlton.com in the path bar.
    This can be accessed anywhere there is internet access.
    Please make sure you are accessing it from “WINDOWS Explorer” not Internet Explorer.
  2. To access Windows Explorer: Start-> Programs-> Accessories-> Windows Explorer
  3. Enter in your Windows username and password to access the folder.
    All ASA Carlton users have Read/Write access and can upload files.
    You can enter your username as follows: ‘username’ or email address ‘username@asacarlton.com’ (Without the single quotes) .
  4. Other companies can access this folder by using a guest account. The guest account has Read Only permissions and cannot upload or write files. They are able to download files they need from the folder.
  5. Contact management to receive the guest username and password.



Remote to Office Terminal Server

RDP connection link


  1. In the  Internet Explorer Web Browser you can just click on the link above and select Open and continue to the last step (4). All other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, ect.) right click on the link and select ‘Save link as’.
  2. Download this file to your Desktop or other location of your choice.
  3. Locate the downloaded file called ‘ASACarlton-Terminal-Server.RDP’ and open the file to connect.
  4. Enter your Windows username and password when prompted.