Corporate Restructuring

The executive management at Asa Carlton is excited to announce a corporate restructuring aimed at improving customer satisfaction by ensuring the focus required to meet the specific services of our dynamic client base.  Asa Carton’s Mission Statement includes, “to ethically create and maintain long term professional relationships with clients”“This reorganization effort supports our continued commitment to fulfilling that mission.” says Principal & CEO, Brannon Asa Floyd.

For the past twelve (12) years Asa Carlton, Inc. has served interior project owners and owner’s representatives as a self-perform General Contractor.  During that same time period, Asa Carlton, Inc. has performed interior scopes of work as a trade subcontractor to larger General Contractors on ground up and larger remodel projects.  “With growth and complexity within both service offerings, it is important that we have a corporate structure in place that supports the dynamic and distinct needs of both customer types.  This reorganization will allow us to better leverage and align the strengths and diversity of our entire corporate group.” says Principal & CFO, Scott L. Hester.

Effective October 1, 2015, the holding company will become Asa Carlton Holdings, LLC.  The wholly owned subsidiaries will be Asa Carlton, Inc. and Asa Carlton Services, Inc.:

  • Asa Carlton, Inc. will continue to serve owners and owner’s representatives under the direction of Nathan Artman, President and Mike Owens, Vice President.
  • Asa Carlton Services, Inc. will continue to serve General Contractors under the direction of a newly hired Vice President, Shaun Weyer, and long term Estimating Executive, Vance Hinch.

“Our goal is simple.” says Mr. Floyd, “We will ensure that our customers get the attention and focus they deserve, while reaffirming our commitment to excellence.”

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